Cycling Capital Copenhagen


Copenhagen isn’t a mountain biking spot at all and you don’t need a mountain bike to cruise the streets and bridges of the Danish capital.  Yet, it is the most bike friendly city on the planet.

My 5 day trip to Copenhagen was so much fun riding on a 3-speed city cruising bike with a basket mounted to the handlebar.  Amazing, how much road space is given to bikes in comparison to cars.  And even elevated highways just for bikes like the Cykelslangen (bike snake) have been built.


Copenhageners on bike account for more than 50 percent of trips within the city centre.  Just as a comparison, Portland, OR,  the leading US city in terms of commuters on bike, has a cycle modal share of 7.2 percent.   The enormous investment in bike infrastructure in Copenhagen is the result of a political program making Copenhagen the “greenest” metropole in the world.


Just try to find a shopping mall with an extra parking garage for bikes anywhere else…

Besides the outstanding bike infrastructure,  Copenhagen has a lot more to offer.  The infrastructure for dining, shopping, art, nightlife, etc. is on similarly high level…


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