Mountain Bike Metropolis Frankfurt


Frankfurt is the best major city in Germany to live in when mountain biking is the key criteria – thanks to the nearby Taunus range.  The U3-line takes you from the heart of the city directly to the Hohemark, the most popular starting point for MTB-tours to the higher Taunus elevations like the Große Feldberg (879 meters).

In the recent mild winters there hasn’t been much snow, which made it possible to enjoy all-year long riding.  In addition to the countless official and unoffical trails, new purpose-built trails have been added during the last year.

There are now two “official” downhill lines starting at the Feldberg and a flow trail not far away in the opposite direction.  If you connect all the fun trails just around the Feldberg – Altkönig – Sandplacken area you easily end up with tour over 50 kilometers and 1500 meters of elevation gain.  Quite a MTB-playground bordering the city limits of “Mainhattan”.


Coolest unofficial Taunus trail


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