Tiger Mountain Loop (Seattle Area, Washington)


There is a lot of water in and around Seattle – perfect for all kinds of water sports. However, after a day of paddling and swimming in Lake Union I was really looking forward to get on my bike again…

Just a half hour drive from Seattle the Tiger Mountain Loop takes off right from the busy Hwy 18 to Snoqualmie and is considered the best ride in the proximity of Seattle.

The first part is only about gaining 640 meters of elevation on a forest road up the Tiger Mountain Summit.  The reward for the unspectacular climb is a long fun downhill trail.  Particularly the upper section that starts at the summit and that was added recently is zippy and pure fun.  It winds down like a pump track that lets you fly down the hill with great flow and some airtime.  The Summit Trail connects to the Preston Railroad Trail which is a little more rugged with roots and rocks, however, all rideable and still with good flow especially in the lower section.  The timberline trail that offers great views takes you back to the trailhead through a lush old forest.

There are other good mountain biking spots like Duthie Hill, Soaring Eagle Loop or the Tapeworm Trails near Renton that are closer to downtown Seattle, yet, Tiger Mountain is a real all-mountain adventure…

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