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YT Capra, my youngest bike

Besides all functional considerations mountain bikes are simply great gadgets to possess and to rave about.  Here’s a brief overview of my bike collection over the years:

My first mountain bike was a “Trekking Fox” with a softish steel frame and a lame Rock Shox Mag 21 (1992).  I thought it looked awesome, unfortunately the performance couldn’t quite keep up with the looks.

My next bike was – or better is, since I am still keeping it – a Sunn Revolt.  My Sunn is a lightweight French race hardtail upgraded with a Mantitou SX 65mm.  I got it at a CC-Worldcup race in Sankt Wendel from Max Commencal. Back then the Sunn Team was more or less dominating the CC-scenery.

After moving to Oregon I was ready to upgrade to a full-suspension bike in order surf the trails around Mount Hood.  Through a colleague I got a good deal on the last edition of the Voodoo Canzo in 1997.  The Canzo used to be quite wobbly because of its unified rear triangle design.   Nonetheless, we had fun together exploring all the Oregonian trails.

Moving again to Oregon in 2002 my plan was to buy the best trail bike available at the time.  So, I picked the Intense Tracer with a FSR link design and spec’d it with a Manitou Black fork with adjustable travel.  Later on, I swapped the Manitou for a Fox Talas, and the Hope Mini brakes for the Avid Juicy.  As a matter of fact, the Intense was my beloved trail bike for almost a decade and has hit some of the best trails in Europe and the US.

In 2011 it was time to go for a new fully that had more travel and less weight: The Specialized Stumpjumper FSR with a carbon frame.  Lightweight and nimble to climb any hill, but very capable and agile to go down any trail too.  A true all-mountain bike.

Even more versatility, particularly on descents offered my next bike in 2014 a Radon Slide 160 Carbon with 27.5 inch wheels.  This race enduro bike is great uphill and downhill and capable of almost everything, the only limitation is the rider….


Trying to keep up with my son in bikeparks I felt, a bike with even more downhill potential might help me.  So, I recently ordered a YT Capra with 170 millimeters of travel… whoa, what a machine!  It actually climbs like a goat and descents like a bat out of hell 😉

The Fat Tyre Fascination

Dashing through the woods. Cornering at high speed. Adrenaline kicking in. The rubber studs biting into the dirt. What a marvellous mixture of nature, high tech and big fun!

When I was a kid, mountain bikes hadn’t been invented and riding our normal bikes on unpaved roads wasn’t really fun. I guess this reminiscence still contributes to the fascination that I experience when riding a winding single-track trail on fat tires…  I admit, I am a MTB-addict.


Eventually, this brought me on my mission to ride the best, most fascinating and renowned mountain bike trails on earth.  This blog features some of my trail adventures and trips to the mountain bike meccas of the world.

Allmountaindinger, Trail Hunter

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