Fort William

Ben Nevis – Scotland’s highest elevation – is located just a few miles outside of Fort William. World Cup races have been staged here on a regular base. Fort William is considered as outdoor capitol of the UK and is certainly a great mountain bike spot to start my Scottish trail adventures.

The Nevis cable car transports as well bikes up the mountain, so you can bomb down the downhill course or take the Nevis Red trail. It is described as XC course, however, it is a fairly demanding flow trail with several rocky, bumpy sections. In the upper section you are zooming down on boardwalks spiced up with a little bit of Northshore characteristics.

We were tempted to do more rounds the easy way up and the fun way down, but then we might have missed the XC trails without cablecar lift. The World Champs Trail was our favourite. Really nice uphill partially on winding boardwalks followed by a fun downhill part with tight turns.

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