St. Moritz

St. Moritz has quite some history with regard to alpine tourism. However, the connotations that used to come with St. Moritz were rather about money and jet set than about sports.  Now, it seems that the St. Moritz region has started a sort of rejuvenation program and is actively working and investing to becoming a true mountain bike mecca. Several existing hiking trails have been optimized for mountain bike usage.  New MTB flow trails have been built in this sublime alpine scenery.

I rode the Corviglia Flow Trail the first time in 2012 when it was brand new and knew that I will return soon for more runs. It still is a great roller-coaster-like trail that starts at the Corviglia top station (2486 m) and zigzags down to the Chantarella station (2005 m) with hundreds of berms and jumps. It is smooth and easy enough for all skill levels. Nonetheless, it is big fun for everyone. This time I did it four times in a row until my thighs were about to cramp.

At the lower end of the Suvretta valley the Fopettas Flow Trail was added in summer 2013. It is similar fun and features even some more technical trail elements, but it has not the views like the Corviglia Flow Trail as it winds through the woods.  Anyway, it is a great finish on the way back to St. Moritz.

While the new flow trails are good fun, the true (all-) mountain bike adventures are found farther away from the cable cars:

1) The Suvretta Loop – the classic St. Moritz trail adventure around Piz Nair across the Suvretta Pass into the Val de Bever. In the past this 35 km tour used to be more strenous, but the trail through the alpine desert valley got “flow-optimized” and the cable car up to Corviglia saves further calories.


2) Las Trais Fluors & Padella Singletrail – the epic panorama tour in high altitude

3) Albana Tour (Trail #672) from Corviglia through the Suvretta valley to Silvaplana

While the first two tours were still burried under snow (and not new to me anyway), I tried the trail #672 from the Corviglia to the Alp Suvretta, which is currently supplemented with a new MTB flow trail. After crossing the Suvretta valley the trail meanders alongside the Piz Albana through beautiful landscape.  If you bear left on an unmarked trail (Thanks, Audrey, for the tip and company) you can surf down to Silvaplana on a beautifully flowing trail.

Another very special classic mountain bike tour in the St. Moritz region includes the Rhätische Bahn from Samedan to Pontresina and back from Poschiavo across the Bernina Pass. The train ride back from Poschiavo is an exciting experience itself and it is a nice aid uphill, so you can enjoy the long trail rides down the Val Bernina and down the Val Poschiavo.


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