Sedona (Arizona)


Sedona has it all: a great trail system with lots of rock riding, a magnificent scenery and a sort of new age flair.  It certainly is a mountain biking mecca where you can spend a couple of days exploring single track trails from “easy” to “insane”.

Sedona is as well known as spiritual mecca with a bunch of vortex sites that are supposed to have special energy flows.  I definitely felt great flow on the trails – sort of Soul Biking…

Twin Butte Loop

Sedona is surrounded by a trail system that consists of numerous trails that are all connected.  My favourite ride was the combination of the Broken Arrow Trail, Submarine Rock Trail, Little Horse Trail, Mystic Trail and  Llama Trail (an extended version of the Twin Butte Loop) south of Sedona.  After the start from the Broken Arrow Trailhead the trail is mostly uphill with some technical spots and some red rock riding.  After about one mile it is worthwhile adding in the Submarine Rock Trail as out and back.  This trail takes you around and actually up to the top of Submarine Rock.

After the Chicken Point the Little Horse Trail winds down and gets smoother and faster.  continuing on the Llama Trail means just extending the fun and flow.  At the lower end of the Llama Trail you can connect to the trails in the Cathedral Rock area and extend your ride or ride back in the direction where you parked the car.  Navigation is pretty easy, due to the maps that are installed at almost every trail intersection.

Aerie Loop

Another great ride in the northwestern trail area of Sedona is the Aerie Loop around the Doe Mountain.  If you start the ride in town I recommend to use the Anaconda trail to connect to the other trails.  It is zippier than most of the other trails.


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