There is a lot going on in Barcelona from business to beaches and nightlife.  But are there trails for mountain biking?  Yes, there are…

Collserola Trails


The Parc de Collserola is a mountain range that rises up over Barcelona Metropolitan Area.  It is a sort of “green lung” to Barcelona and its citizens and the Tibidabo (512 m) is its highest point.

There has been an ongoing debate about the usage of the trails in the park with regard to mountain biking in particular.  Anyway, there are lots of trails through lush nature.  Sometimes, it seems like riding through green tunnel.  Starting point of the tour below was Sant Bartomeu.



Massis de Garraf


Behind Castelldefels – a beach south of Barcelona – another mountain range rises.  Massis de Garraf has been declared a parc natural and is therefore a nice MTB-playground where can easily spend a day exploring.



La Bisbal, Costa Brava

Most of the tourists at the Costa Brava have other things in mind than mountain biking.  Nonetheless there are great spots with mountain biking centers, called “Centros BTT”.  Near La Bisbal, the Catalunyan capitol of pottery, the well-marked MTB-trails start and take you to the woods of the “wild coast”.



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