Vinschgau Late Fall Biking


The Vinschgau bureau of tourism loves to rave about the 315 sunny days per year they allegedly have.  So, when I was heading to the Val di Senales for a ski touring event end of November I just threw my bike into the trunk as well and took off a bit earlier.  I read about the newly built Propain Trail and was keen to get it under my tire knobs.

The surrounding mountain ranges were all snow covered but the Vinschgau trails on both sides of the valley were in superb condition up to an elevation of 1800 meters.   It was sunny and dry, but cold.  The trails were covered with fine larch needles that added a soft golden shimmering finish.

The Propain Trail is a sweet purpose built trail to descend from the Sonnenberg down to Schlanders.  In order to get up to the trail head at an elevation of about 1400 meters you either pedal up from Coldrano via Vezzano on paved roads or you cross over from St. Martin am Kofel. The 800 meters climb from Coldrano was all on paved roads and somehow relaxed due to the warming sun and nice views.  The downhill on the Propain Trail is excellent: technical with tight turns, but full of flow.

The next morning I chose the Holy Hansen as morning ride.  It was even colder, the climb up the Morterer Leger tougher and longer (1200 meters elevation gain).  Yet, as well this fun trail was in very good condition to have a blast downhill with a big smile (on the half frozen) face.  Looks like I will return for more sunny days in the Vinschgau sooner or later…

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