All-Mountain Tour in the Snow


No, this one is not about mountain biking… Last weekend I tried ski touring for the first time.  I did backcountry skiing before, but not with putting on ski skins and climbing a thousand meters to eventually ski down through powder.  It is an all-mountain tour in the snow on skis and it is somehow quite similar to mountain biking.

We were in the Schnalstal (Val di Senales) with a larger group of people and two guides. First we got a training in avalanche victim search with an avalanche transceiver and then climbed up to the Fineilspitze (3514m), right in the area where “Ötzi”, the 5000 year-old Iceman-mummy was found.

On the 800m climb I realized soon that the weight of the equipment is an important factor – maybe even more than in mountain biking.  Bottom line: It is a fantastic high-alpine experience and it can be as well quite exhausting…


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