Season Finale in Finale


Finale Ligure (Italy) is probably my favourite mountain biking mecca in Europe and fall is just the perfect season to be there.  The temperature is still warm but not as hot as in summer.  And as well the water temperature at the beach is still decent for a refreshing swim after a long ride.  The combination of awesome singletrack trails, scenic landscape, culture and beach is unique.

After hitting several of the best MTB-trails in the world this summer, Finale Ligure seemed to be the adequate spot for my season finale.

The trails from Melogno, Pian dei Corsi and Terre Rosse are rollercoaster-like.  In fact, at least 2 trails in Finale are even called rollercoaster.  Pedaling up all the way to the old NATO-base to access the fantastic downhill runs to Orco Feglino and then up again to descend to Final Borgo is an epic ride of 46 km and 1750 meters of elevation gain.  So, I was happy to enjoy some shuttle rides in addition to the epic loop.  Thanks, Hendrik and Isa, for the lift and the company!



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