Mountain Biking Mallorca

Rocky Mountain Biking on a Liteville

Mallorca has been arguably the most popular vacation island in Europe over the last decades and has a reputation as the place to be when it comes to partying but as well for sports road cycling in particular. However, it is not that renowned for mountain biking, although the Tramuntana Range on the western side of the island rises up to 1445 meters above sea level. So during my last trip to the island this spring I gave it a shot and booked a tour with Roxy Bike for a day.

After a shuttle transfer from the eastside we started our tour in Bunyola and climbed steadily for almost an hour until we reached Penyal d’Honor at 800 meters altitude. From several trail options take you downhill and we tried a couple of them to make it a magnificent, satisfying MTB-tour that ended in the city of Bunyola in restaurant bar with some après-bike.

Jungle Flow

Overall, Mallorca is great island for year-round mountain biking with lots of natural trails through rocky terrain. Yet, it is not a MTB-eldorado, as the infrastructure particular with regard to a real trail network is not there yet. Anyway, there is so much to do on Mallorca that you don’t want go there only for mountain biking…

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