Sandy Ridge – MTB-Playground in the Portland Area, Oregon


While Portland, OR is the most bike-friendly city in the US, it still takes you almost an hour to get out of the city to hit a decent MTB-trail.   However, the rides out there offer loads of fun, the Sandy Ridge Trail System in particularly.  Our favorite ride was the combination of Rock Drop, Three Thirty Eight, Two Turntables & a Microwave and Hide & Seek and back up to Lil’ Monkey.  In fact, we loved it so much that we did the same ride 3 days in a row…

Sandy Ridge is easy pedaling up for about 45 minutes until you have the choice various trails back down again.  A loop like the above described adds up to about 16 km/10 miles and a climb/descent of roughly 600 meters/2000 ft.  Particularly on weekends there is quite a crowd out there, so it’s a great place to meet other bikers.

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